Air Quality

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Are the health and productivity of employees of importance to you?

Do you respect existing standards and recommendations?

Do you have air quality problems, shortage of air, health issues, and employee complaints?

A water damage?

Benjel Consultant Chemists is at your disposal for any questions. For over 25 years, our chemists and microbiologists have offered services in sampling and analysis of air quality (chemical, microbiological and physical).

We work with you to find solutions to improve air quality. Sometimes, a small adjustment can make a huge difference, but bigger problems require following strict protocol. In all cases, we will guide you with experience.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important, as a lot of time is spent inside working, studying, relaxing or receiving services. It is therefore important to ensure that the air we breathe respects set standards and recommendations.

In fact, ambient air pollutants such as smog, pollution, pollen, as well as those generated indoors, including micro-organisms, dust and chemical products may affect occupants.

Symptoms and signs possibly related to poor air quality:
Symptômes des occupants
Headaches, dizziness,
trouble concentrating
Irritated throat, eyes
and respiratory tract
Feeling of lacking air
Signes dans le bâtiment
Stains, Mould visible on surfaces
Condensation problems (dew)
Excessive dust
Water damage

For your peace of mind, we offer pollutant tracing services:

  • Moulds
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Inhalable dust
  • CO, CO2
  • Etc.

Physical parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and the hourly changes in air quality will also be measured.

Results are explained in a complete and personalized report. Recommendations provided will help you acquire better air quality.

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