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Asbestos and Vermiculite

In Quebec, a material is considered contaminated with asbestos when it contains 0.1% asbestos or more. Strict decontamination rules apply.

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Other Insulation Material to be Tested for Asbestos

In Quebec, a material is considered contaminated with asbestos when it contains 0.1% asbestos or more. Strict decontamination rules apply. It is important to hire specialists who adhere to the stringent and specific laws that govern removal of materials containing asbestos.

We can find ACMs (Asbestos-Containing Materials) among a wide variety of materials, such as:


  • Duct insulation
  • Tiles
  • Thermal plates
  • Gypsum board joints (manufactured between 1960-1970)
  • Etc.

Laboratory tests can confirm the presence or absence of asbestos in a material.

Benjel can help you with your asbestos testing needs with prompt and professional service. The laboratory used by Benjel meets the criteria requested by the IRSST. We offer analyses according to the following analytical methods:

  • Polarized light microscopy (PLM): IRSST 244-3 (solid samples)
  • Electronic transmission microscopy (TEM) (solid or air)
  • Phase contrast optical microscopy (PCM): IRSST 243-1 (count of fibers in air)

Safe management of asbestos

When renovation work is required in an area built before 1980 , the risk of materials containing asbestos is real. Benjel Consultant Chemists Inc. is regularly called upon to carry out sampling to evaluate the asbestos content to determine if asbestos removal work is required.

Benjel Consultant Chemists Inc. always seeks to provide professional service in the best interest of its clients. The optimal number of samples taken to create a building's asbestos register will be determined based on the scale of the site. Our project managers will be able to assess the risk associated with the presence of asbestos-containing materials (ACM).

To perform analyses, you have two options:


Benjel visits the site and collects samples

This is what we recommend because an trained technician will collect samples in person and can testify about where it came from.

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Analysis of
sample delivered or mailed to the lab

For further info regarding procedures for sending a sample, call us at (514) 319-0231 or

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Asbestos and vermiculite

Vermiculite and the asbestos it contains have caused some fear among homeowners in recent years. Even if under certain conditions the presence of asbestos is not a cause for concern, the effects that this substance can cause on health should not be overlooked. It is  in this perspective that the use of asbestos was definitively banned in 2018.

Even if the use of asbestos has been totally banned in the past, some products still contain it today, to mention only insulation or pipes.  From now on, a regulation imposes the removal of asbestos from any construction. If you have any doubt about the presence of asbestos in your home, our technicians at Benjel can help you get rid of it.

As a reminder, asbestos was recognized as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization in 1987. Since  2011 in Canada, the extraction of this material has been completely stopped.

Dangerous insulation

However, asbestos fibres are particularly dangerous for health. If you inhale them, they can accumulate in the lungs and lead to respiratory disorders, cancerous pathologies and lung diseases more or less serious. Hence the decision to ban the use of asbestos from the construction sector.