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Breathable Compressed Air

Breathable compressed air used by workers (painting and sandblasting workshops, etc) is subject to Standard CSA Z180.1-00. As part of its application, sampling and analysis are required every six months to ensure quality.

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For regular sampling or a complete assessment of your system, Benjel is available for guidance. Our satisfied customers include public transportation companies, production factories and sandblasting companies.

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Collect and analyze Breathable Compressed Air

At Benjel Chimistes Conseil, we offer our air sampling services. In this context, we use specific equipment and adopt procedures that comply with the standards in force. As soon as the sample is taken, we send it to our laboratories, which will be responsible for carrying out the essential analyses and this, always in compliance with current standards.

Our analysis services are provided by an experienced team. Our air quality laboratories are made up of qualified specialists. They use state-of-the-art methods to analyze compressed breathing air. We do that kind of analysis for different categories of clients in Canada.

Our laboratories are accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for compressed breathing air quality analysis. And this, in accordance with the rules prescribed by the CSA Z180.1-00 standard. According to this standard, all sources of breathing air must be tested, at least every six months. This makes it possible to attest to its purity.

From the moment we obtain the test results, we send them to you as soon as possible. We will also give you a certificate specifying whether or not the sample complies with the standard. In short, if you entrust us with your air analysis work, you will not have to worry, because you are in good hands.