What types of services do we offer?

At Benjel, we offer a wide range of services revolving around the analysis of the air, water and the overall environment of the occupants of a house.

Air quality analysis

Air quality analysis involves different measurements regarding the air circulating in a home. The measurements range from humidity levels to the identification of the various suspended elements that are present in the air.

Water analysis

We also offer drinking water testing services to determine its safety. Generally, this step is essential when many people from the same locality are victims of disorders such as vomiting, diarrhea or others. We also offer this service to study the level of potability of a new water source.

Microbiological and chemical analysis

We perform microbiological and chemical analysis of different environments at the request of our customers. Ventilation ducts, insulation, cellar, water recovery system... all areas where bacteria are likely to proliferate may be subject to careful analysis.

Search for contaminants and pathogens

In the event that the occupants of a house or neighbourhood show the same symptoms of a disease, it is a question of carrying out a search for contaminants and pathogens. Thanks to our team of technicians and microbiologists, we carry out the various analyzes necessary to detect the sources of diseases in the home or in the locality.

Sound advice to customers

Che Benjel, we also provide different recommendations to our customers to improve their comfort through the optimization of air quality. How to properly ventilate your homes, which ventilation, air conditioning and heating solutions are best for your homes.

We also advise you on periodic maintenance and their frequency with regard to ventilation systems in order to limit the proliferation of mold and pathogens.