Summer means heat and humidity. These conditions are conducive to the proliferation of mold. However, these mushrooms represent a potential danger for the house and the occupants. The consequences of their presence can be disastrous. Find out why it is essential to combat excessive humidity in the home.

The dangers of mold in the house

Mold causes a lot of damage to a home. Here are the main dangers associated with these mushrooms:

    • Mold attacks building materials such as wood, plaster and drywall. It causes rot, weakening supporting structures. This also reduces the overall stability of the building
    • The spores of these mushrooms are powerful allergens. They are likely to cause various respiratory problems. Symptoms may include sneezing, coughing, eye irritation, and sinus problems
    • Mold leaves unsightly stains. It discolors the walls and degrades the appearance of the house

An untreated infestation reduces property value.

Why fight against excessive humidity in the house?

Excessive humidity causes many other damages. Here are the risks that can be controlled by properly managing humidity in the home:

  • Damaged wood, plaster and drywall: Wood swells and warps. Plaster tends to decompose. Metals rust. All of this affects the structural integrity of the home. Repairs can be very expensive
  • Infiltration of moisture into the insulation: This reduces the effectiveness of the insulation. As a result, energy costs for heating are increasing
  • Smelly, musty and musty fumes: The comfort of living in the house is affected.

Benjel, your trusted partner

Having moisture problems in your home? Trust us. We have over 30 years of experience. We offer personalized solutions to guarantee you a healthy and comfortable environment.
We assess the humidity levels in your home. Our team uses advanced measurement tools in this context. We then detect areas at risk and identify the causes of excessive humidity. We then carry out a detailed visual inspection. We take samples to identify the types of mold. Based on this analysis, we develop an effective remediation plan to eliminate mold.

Enjoy healthy indoor air all year round

Properly managing summer humidity and preventing mold are essential to protecting our homes and our health. Mold damages structures, causes health problems and reduces property values. At Benjel, we support you to maintain safer and more comfortable living spaces.