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Industrial Hygiene

When it comes to your employees’ security, respecting the current standards, and following CSST recommendations, Benjel Consultant Chemists can help!

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Benjel is proud to count among its members a certified occupational hygienist (ROH). Ms. Lucie Marcotte, PhD Chemist, ROH has been working in the field of air quality since 2008 and has a significant background in the field of multidisciplinary sciences. Its expertise and professionalism make it a resource greatly appreciated by customers.

There are a number of ways a licensed occupational hygienist can make a difference:

  • Help identify health risks in your plant, establish priorities for changes, help build an audit or action plan to ensure better management of health risks.
  • Provide training to your health and safety teams on the health risks of microbiological, chemical and physical aggressors.
  • Carry out periodic sampling visits to your facilities to verify and build an exposure database of your workers as required by the RSST Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (section 43).
  • Participate in the development of work procedures in certain areas relating to occupational health or the health of the environment.

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Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have a hygienist on their permanent health and safety team. Often, committees are faced with questions that needlessly remain unanswered. Make Benjel Chimistes Conseil your resource for occupational health and the environment. Do not hesitate any longer and contact us to find out more.

Total dust Mass, concentration, chemical analysis, metal
Inhalable dust Mass, total concentration, airborne crystalline silica
Chemistry Analysis of dust, metal and fumes
Asbestos Airborne asbestos fibers, analysis of material
Fumes General testing or measurement of toluene, MDI, ethanol, MEK, hydrocarbon level, etc.
Microbiology Count and identification of airborne bacteria, yeast and Mould
Gaz Detection by instant measures (CO, CO2, LEL, H2S, O3, etc.)Sampling from absorbents, etc.Analysis of breathable compressed air

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Hygiene measures within companies are essential, for many reasons. Observing the rules of hygiene allows you to guard against the proliferation of harmful pathogens, germs and bacteria. To help you maintain good hygiene on your premises, we put the services of our hygienist at your disposal.

Why seek the services of our hygienist?

Industrial hygiene occupies a prominent place, regardless of the field in which your company operates. It is essential to comply with hygiene rules to minimize the risk of spreading bacteria and microbes in the  workplace. Thanks to the intervention of our hygienist, you will be able to enjoy a healthy working environment free of microbes.

By preserving industrial hygiene, you will contribute to the safety of your employees, but also to their productivity, and especially to their health. By avoiding the transmission of microbes and pathogens, compliance with industrial hygiene will at the same time reduce the number of employees' holidays due to occupational diseases. In this way, you will be able to increase productivity and generate savings.

 So trust us.  At Benjel, the expertise of our team will help you better identify and define risks in terms of occupational hygiene. We are at your service to assess the level of toxicity on your premises. We work to promote hygiene in your company.