Iron Bacteria

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The orangish slime found in your retention tank or sipping from your French drain is most likely iron deposit, commonly called iron bacteria. In general, orange deposit is formed two ways:

Chemical reaction of iron in the ground, which settles into a muddy pile.
Several types of bacteria (Leptotrix, Gallionella, etc.) occur naturally in certain types of soil and use iron in their life cycle. When in contact with air, they can multiply and form slime.

DIn both cases, total or partial blockage of drains is possible. Basements are therefore exposed to excessive humidity and subsequent problems, including flooding, Mould and poor air quality.

Benjel Consultant Chemists offers sampling and analysis service to assess situation. Analysis includes:

Counting and identification of iron bacteria
Concentration of iron
Measure pH in water
With these data, potential for clogging of French drain is assessed

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