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Benjel Chemical Consultants' laboratory has, in the past few years, added microbiological analyses as a service offered as part of its air quality analysis. It distinguishes itself by its excellent customer service. Their laboratory is composed of a team of microbiologists, all members of the Association of Microbiologists of Quebec (AMQ). They specialize in the detection and identification of mould present in the air and on surfaces.

Methods used in our laboratory:

  • ASTM D7391-09 Method (Standard Test Method for Categorization and Quantification of Airborne Fungal Structures)
  • Routine microbiological methods
  • IRSST analysis methods

The laboratory participates in the EMPAT program of the AIHA (American Industrial Hygienists Association).They are certified by this organization.

AIHA : 1 (703)849-8888
Laboratory member number : 193773

Rigor and analysis quality

Benjel's laboratory sets itself apart by the quality of it's analyses. In fact, during microscopic analysis, rigor is a necessity.

Fast results and competitive pricing

To obtain results for cultures of genus, the laboratory can obtain results in 7 days. The laboratory also offers analysis of species. This offering requires 15 days, as a minimum recommended by recognized institutions

For direct analysis of samples (spore traps, tape, etc), they are analyzed within 72 hours, but also be processed in 24 to 48 hours according to your needs.

The laboratory offers a service adapted to the needs of it's customers, as well as very competitive pricing.

Varied and complete analysis service

  • Strips
  • Petri dishes
  • Spore traps (Micro5, Air-O-Cell, etc)
  • Tape (Surface sampmling)
  • Dust, fibreglass insulation, etc
  • Swabs
  • NADCA Cassettes (weight)

The laboratory is conscientious of proper customer service. For regular clients (more that 10 samples per month), the transport is included. The laboratory is open to requests and suggestions from customers. The creation of analysis reports is done in a way to facilitate the transfer of the results to your documents and work procedures.

The analysis service includes: Analysis report, Interpretation Guide, and a list of moulds having been reported as possibly having effects on one's health.

We may be reached by phone at (514) 360-3386 , Toll-Free at 1 (855) 382-0836 or on the web.

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