Mould / Microbiology

Industrial Services

To verify a clean room, a food or pharmaceutical production zone, or to solve a Mould problem in your facility, take advantage of Benjel’s expertise in sampling and microbiological analysis. We also conduct analysis of airborne particles (particle counter and/or sampling from filter).

We use industry-recognized methods and equipments: Anderson Cascade Impactors, Biotest RCS air samplers, spore trap sampling, swabbing, tape lifting, etc. Samples are analysed by microbiologists at our AIHA (American Industrial Hygienists Association)-certified lab (EMPAT Program).

You will be provided with a full report with recommendation for correcting the situation, including steps for decontamination if necessary.

You can always reach us at (514) 360-3386 or toll free at 1 (855) 382-0836 or online.

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