Mould and Moisture

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A wall can reveal plenty of surprises.

There is always Mould in the air. It is therefore normal to find Mould in houses that are substantially the same as those found outside in similar amounts or less. Yet, according to the provincial health watchdog, l’Institut national de Santé publique du Québec (INSPQ)1 a third of Canadian houses do not meet this criterion. In this group, a third of the houses are contaminated at levels ranging from weak to very high.

In order to grow, Mould needs moisture.

Moisissures cachés dans le mur

That’s why, in as much as possible, it is important to control the level of moisture in a house, to maintain humidity levels around 30%2 during winter, and never above 55% in the summer. Also, ensure there is no water leakage, in which case, risk of contamination is much higher.

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