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Industrial Services

Gas analysis
  • Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, explosive gas, hydrogen sulfide, breathable compressed air
Airborne chemical products
  • Hydrocarbon (VOC), formaldehyde, ammonium hydroxide, acid, metal
Dust analysis
  • Total dust, inhalable dust, particle count, metal, asbestos, silica
Laboratory values
  • Airborne Mould, yeast count, surface Mould and bacteria, water analysis
Physical values
  • Temperature, relative humidity, measurement of air change per hour
Solution analysis
  • Acidity, metal
Consulting services
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Our services include a complete report signed by a chemist with the Ordre des chimistes du Qu├ębec (Quebec Order of Chemists) or by a microbiologist with the Quebec Association of Microbiologists, indicating methods used and results, as well as comments and recommendations tailored to your needs

You can always reach us at (514) 360-3386 or toll free at 1 (855) 382-0836 or online.

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