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Air quality analysis as part of a real estate transaction guarantees you peace of mind.

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More and more people in Quebec understand the indispensable value of conducting an air quality inspection before purchasing a property. A building inspection seeks to identify design and construction issues. Inspection of air quality goes hand in hand with building inspection.

Testing air quality can reveal issues that are often invisible to the naked eye at the moment of inspection. These issues can be harmful to your family’s health and can lower property value.

We are equipped with laboratories and can conduct prompt tests.

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During a real estate transaction, potential buyers scrutinize the slightest defect in a house. They will surely ask questions about indoor air quality. No one would want to acquire a residence that could make you sick. That's when our specialists at Benjel come into play, to help you undertake tests to assess the quality of your indoor air.

Interventions for a real estate transaction

A real estate transaction may require the intervention of different professionals. Among them are the experts responsible for analysing indoor air quality.  The intervention of these technicians is little known to the public.

Colorless and odorless, the air we breathe on a daily basis is so naturally present, that sometimes we forget to pay attention to it. When it is contaminated, it is then a real problem, since breathing polluted air can cause various diseases, more or less serious.

Why inspect the air?

When our team is asked to inspect the air quality, it is very often related to the acquisition of a property. If you are also thinking of selling or buying a house, we are at your disposal to offer you our services.

Our goal: to identify the origin of air contamination and its severity. As soon as these points are defined, we will take care of suggesting an appropriate solution. Be aware that a concern related to air quality should not be taken lightly. At the slightest concern, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do what is necessary to check the air quality in your home.

And remember, always keep an eye on the humidity level in your home. This must never exceed 60%. Poor air quality can be due to the presence of moisture, causing mold in your home. This is in no way beneficial, especially for health. Once again, as soon as you have any doubt, call us immediately.