Mould and Moisture

Residential Services

Signs on buildings:

  • Cracks: foundation, exterior walls

  • Water stains: beneath windows, on ceilings or floors

  • Condensation: windows, walls

  • Oxidation: rust (screws, nails, light fixtures, hinges, etc.

  • Blotches: discolouration of material

  • Efflorescence: white deposit or crystals on concrete

  • Damaged material: blackened or rotten wood, roofs in disrepair, etc.

  • Odours: humidity, must

  • Deformity: curling, cracks, swelling of material and paint

  • Humidity: excessive humidity precipitates Mould growth

In the long run, these signs can deteriorate both the quality of air being inhaled and the building itself (ex. reduce property value)

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