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Special projects

Do you have a problem that is unusual? Consult with Benjel and we can help you find a solution internally or with the help of our network of professionals we have built over 30 years.

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Examples of projects led by Benjel:

  • Pressure calculation and measurement in tires filled with nitrogen, including preparation of calculation worksheet in accordance with size of tire, pressure and presence of water
  • Analysis of municipal sludge burned for energy generation
  • Study of phase-change material in heat accumulators to assess a malfunctioning system
  • Study of corrosion in a heat exchange system
  • Process water analysis
  • Particle counting, sampling from filters
  • And much more

We are eager to take on special and unusual projects related to chemistry, chemical properties or microbiology.

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For further info, or to submit a special project, call us at (514) 360-3386 or toll free 1 (855) 382-0836, or click below.