Mould and Moisture

Residential Services

Description of Benjel’s Service for Searching Fungal Pollutants

Inspection visit
  • Learn about history of building (possible history of water leakage, sewage backup, etc.) through client by phone or meeting.

  • Site inspection: material in poor condition, visible presence of various problems (condensation, Mould, cracks).

  • Measure moisture (air and material), carbon dioxide, temperature.

  • Acquire samples from air and/or surfaces for lab analysis ( type or species, viable and/or non-viable – non-viable Mould can still spread mycotoxins
  • Assessment of situation with notes gathered from site visit.

  • Analysis of samples by microbiologist in our AIHA-certified lab (EMPAT Program).
  • Interpretation of results by a chemist of the Ordre des chimistes du Québec (Quebec Order of Chemists) or by a microbiologist with the Quebec Association of Microbiologists.

  • Issuance of personalized report with recommendations and steps for decontamination if required.
  • Follow-up: explanation of report by phone, practical advice.

Our services include a complete report signed by a chemist with the Ordre des chimistes du Québec (Quebec Order of Chemists), indicating methods used, results, as well as comments and recommendations tailored to your needs.

You can always reach us at (514) 360-3386 or toll free at 1 (855) 382-0836 or online.

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