Water Damage and Mould

Commercial Services

Mould develops rapidly on materials that remain wet after leaks, bad plumbing or condensation problems. However, Mould is not always visible on surfaces. Hence, the importance of a complete inspection to help you get to the root of a problem, or to verify the effectiveness of restorative work.

Benjel’s complete inspection includes four essential steps:

  • On-site visual observation: work areas, common areas, ventilations systems

  • Information gathering : history of problems with building and symptoms shown by occupants

  • Humidity measurements: air and materials

  • Microbiological analysis: Mould in the air, on surfaces and in ventilation systems

We use industry-recognized methods and equipments: Anderson Cascade Impactors, Biotest RCS air samplers, spore trap sampling, swabbing, tape lifting, contact with growth environment.

Samples are analysed by microbiologists at our AIHA (American Industrial Hygienists Association)-certified lab (EMPAT Program).

A complete report is provided. It includes recommendations to improve conditions and, if necessary, steps for decontamination to remove Mould.

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