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Air Quality

Are your employees' health and productivity important to you? Do you respect existing air quality standards and recommendations? Do you have air quality problems, shortage of air, health issues, or employee complaints? Has water damage occurred?

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Benjel Consultant Chemists is at your service for any questions. For over 25 years, our chemists and microbiologists have offered services in sampling and analysis of air quality (chemical, microbiological and physical).

We work with you to find solutions for improving air quality. Sometimes, a small adjustment can make a huge difference, but bigger problems require following strict protocols. In all cases, we will guide you with experience.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important, as a lot of time is spent inside working, studying, relaxing or receiving services. It is therefore important to ensure that the air we breathe respects health standards and recommendations.

In fact, ambient air pollutants such as smog, pollution, pollen, as well as those generated indoors, including microorganism sources, dust, and chemical products may affect occupants.

Symptoms and signs potentially related to poor air quality:
Occupant symptoms
Headaches, dizziness, trouble concentrating
Irritated throat, eyes, or respiratory tract
Feeling of lacking air
Signs in the building
Stains, Mould visible on surfaces
Condensation problems (dew)
Excessive dust
Water damage

For your peace of mind, we offer pollutant tracing services:


  • Moulds
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Formaldehyde
  • Inhalable dust
  • CO (Carbon Monoxide), CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
  • And more

Physical parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, and hourly changes in air quality will also be measured. Results are explained in a complete and personalized report. Report recommendations will help you understand the measure to take to improve air quality.

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For more information on this service, call us at (514) 319-0231 or toll-free number 1 (514) 319-0231 or online.

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Air pollution

Air pollution can manifest itself in different forms. Thanks to an air quality control, you will be able to identify the elements likely to degrade it.  Industrial pollution and urban pollution are the most well-known causes of this deterioration. However, be aware that other factors can also have a negative impact, whether on the air you breathe, or on your health.

In principle, it is up to the Etat to regularly analyse the quality of the outdoor air. However, you are required to take the necessary measurements to measure the indoor air quality in your home or business premises. To help you in this process, take advantage of our services at Benjel Chimistes Conseil.

Air quality

In the industrial sector, good air  quality improves the working conditions of employees. At the same time, it will contribute to everyone's comfort as well as productivity. In addition, it reduces the risk of diseases.

In any case  , at Benjel Chimistes Conseils, we can carry out air quality control in your building. We have the equipment to carry out this project. In addition, our team is made up of specialists with several years of experience in the field. To ensure your safety and health, we remain at your disposal. We intervene as soon as possible and we adopt innovative and fast methods.

If you have any doubt about the good quality of your indoor air, remember to contact us as soon as possible. Poor air quality can lead to many more or less serious diseases. Prevention is better than cure.