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When hidden defects are a problem, Benjel is your greatest ally.

Think you might have fungal contamination issues because of bad design or infiltration? Benjel is there for you as a trusted expert.


The right expert with the right experience.

With more than 30 years of experience, Benjel Consultant Chemists Inc. plays a key role in the field of indoor microbial health evaluation.

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At your service

Our project managers' solid academic training and on-the-ground experience make them the envy of our competition. They have produced many hundreds of reports and are recognized as expert witnesses (Tribunal administratif du logement, Civil Court of Québec, etc.). Additionally, all are members of either a professional order or association, ensuring that you get unmatched services.


Respected Expertise

Many lawyers recommend our experts to their clients. Our experts' thorough reports offer a complete view of the situation and offer clarity about the circumstances.

Benjel Consultant Chemists Inc. has served hundreds of clients facing mould-related hidden defects; most of these cases never even make it to court.

It's important that the expert who analyzes your situation has outstanding credibility. This is exactly what you get when you work with Benjel.

Benjel: an objective, rigorous, and proven approach

Benjel Consultant Chemists Inc. is proud to have a reputation of exemplary integrity, built through the years by expert witness testimonies in court, and the reports of exceptional quality produced by the company. Our reports regarding hidden defects are prepared in accordance with the most recent legal requirements, so as to offer the court a clear understanding of the situation.

If you choose Benjel Consultant Chemists Inc. to analyze the microbial health of your dwelling, what you will get is an exact understanding of the situation.

An objective view of the situation

Our report will clearly describe the condition of problematic areas; it will additionally provide an appropriate decontamination protocol that follows recommendations from authoritative reference works in the field, from organizations such as: the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, the Canadian Construction Association, the New York City Department of Health, and the IICRC.

exploratory holes

with photos

moisture testing

on material

measuring parameters

of ambient air

taking samples

or air and surfaces

Not a conflict of interest in sight

With Benjel Consultant Chemists Inc., you are sure to get an unbiased opinion, entirely free from conflict of interest. We are not trying to sell you equipment, or offer you decontamination services. That is why when you work with Benjel, you are sure to get an uncompromisingly objective report.


How does it work?

Benjel's services are carefully adapted to fit every situation. Our clients' normal experience is as follows:


  1. Setting up an appointment

    A member of our team will contact you to collect information about your situation and assess your needs.

  2. Legally-recognized expert inspection

    The expert will complete an evaluation of the situation, a thorough inspection of the premises, and an exploration of the history of the problem. They will take moisture readings of materials and record air quality parameter measurements. If needed, they may create exploratory holes and take samples in order to confirm the presence of mould.

  3. Preparation of the written report

    After receiving and interpreting results from the laboratory tests, your report will be prepared according to the requirements of the court.

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