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Gas analysis Carbon monoxide
Carbon dioxide
Breathable compressed air
Airborne chemical products Chemical fumes (VOCs)
Dust analysis Total dust
Inhalable dust
Particles count
Laboratory values Identification: airborne and surface mould
Counting: surfaceyeast, mould, and bacteria
Ventilation system verification
Drinking water
Physical values Temperature
Relative humidity
Measurement of air changes per hour
Accreditation LEED
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Contact us

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Air quality is a major health factor. It also contributes to comfort and productivity. It is in this perspective that we offer you today our many services.

You should know that there is no "standard" solution to improve air quality in a building. Indeed, each place requires unique and personalized solutions, in accordance with the conditions of the place. For this reason, at Benjel we offer a variety of services, tailored to your most specific needs.

Our services are therefore focused on air quality. Our goal is to meet various needs, whether in a private home or in professional premises. We carry out all kinds of work, from the analysis of indoor air quality, to the detection of possible mold, through the implementation of measures to establish good hygiene in your home.

As you have seen, our services also include the assessment of health risks, through operations such as the identification of asbestos, formaldehyde and other chemical contaminants in the air. If you need a hygienist expert, call on our specialists. We are ready to carry out all the necessary tests so that you can enjoy a healthy environment.