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Water damage and mould

Mould is not always visible on surfaces! Therefore, a full inspection will help you pinpoint the problem.

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Mould develops rapidly on materials that remain wet because of leaks, bad plumbing, or condensation problems. However, mould is not always visible on surfaces. This is why it's important to perform a complete inspection to help you get to the root of the problem, or to verify the effectiveness of restorative or decontamination work.

Benjel’s complete inspection includes four essential steps:
  • On-site visual observation: work areas, common areas, ventilations systems
  • Information gathering : history of building problems and symptoms experienced by occupants
  • Humidity measurements: air and materials
  • Microbiological analyses: mould in the air, on surfaces, and in ventilation systems

We use industry-recognized methods and equipments: Anderson Cascade Impactors, Biotest RCS air samplers, spore trap sampling, swabbing, tape lifting, contact with growth environment. Samples are analysed by microbiologists at our AIHA (American Industrial Hygienists Association)-certified lab (EMPAT Program).

A complete report is provided. It includes recommendations to improve conditions and, if necessary, steps for decontamination to remove Mould.

Entrust this evaluation to Benjel to be sure.

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How does mold grow in your home?

Mold and various fungi proliferate in a dark and humid environment. Cellars, attics and ventilation ducts are usually the most suitable areas for the development of these bacteria.

If your roof is facing water infiltration problems, or if leaks are present in your plumbing, moisture will tend to accumulate in wooden walls and structures. There is a good chance that mold will be present if the water problems are not solved in time.

How to detect the presence of mold in a home?

If the mold problem is serious, it is very likely that it will affect the health of the occupants of the house. Respiratory diseases and allergies are often the manifestation of the presence of these bacteria.

On the other hand, if no such manifestation is yet visible, the only way to detect the presence of mold is to carry out an inspection of the house, including that of the ventilation ducts. The inspection will involve measuring the dust level, the humidity level of the air and inspecting any leaks and water infiltration. This information gives precise indications of the possible presence of mold.

Benjen, your expert in mold localization and treatment

At Benjen, we offer comprehensive mold detection and treatment services in your home. We deploy highly sophisticated hardware as well as some of the best methods to deal with this kind of problem. For example, we use the following:

  • Anderson Impactor;
  • RCS Biotest;
  • Spore Trap;
  • Swab;
  • Tape Lift...

Our microbiologists analyze the samples in the laboratory and we provide you with a detailed report including tips to eradicate mold and other pathogens.