Indoor air quality is an essential criterion, whether in offices or factories. Analyzing industrial air allows you to know if the air quality within your premises is acceptable. In an industrial environment, ensuring good air quality is essential. This is a guarantee of quality, productivity and professional safety. In addition, air quality is a fundamental factor in enhancing the value of your sector of activity and optimizing your HR and commercial strategy.

At Benjel, we support industrial customers to help them become aware of the importance of respecting high air quality. Thanks to our services, in this case the various tests and analyses that we carry out on your premises, we offer you solutions in accordance with your problem. From the studies we carry out, we will help you identify the source of your air quality problem, characterize it and select the best solution to implement.

At Benjel Chimistes Conseil, we put at your service a dedicated team, made up of professionals with several years of experience in projects related to air quality. We also provide assistance in the prevention of contamination risks.

We have laboratories and equipment to carry out the sampling and sampling necessary for analysis. Our partner laboratories are reliable, we provide you with clear and precise results.

As experts in our sector, we take into account the constraints related to your industrial environment, but also to your financial means. Thanks to our technical expertise, we can intervene in different industrial branches.

For the safety of your employees and to comply with current professional hygiene standards, we can help you. We can sample and then define the exposure of your premises to possible contaminants. We determine the concentrations of chemicals in the air. Our goal is to keep your air of excellent quality.