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Merula are devastating fungi that can invade your home. They thrive in damp areas. Feeding on wood, they can cause major damage. That’s why you need to get rid of them quickly. However, the cost of treatment can be expensive. For a number of years now, the Canadian government has been offering assistance to homeowners affected by these fungi. Let’s take a look.

Government financial assistance

Since 5 October 2018, a financial assistance programme has been offered by the Canadian government. It is managed by the Société d’Habitation du Québec (SHQ). It has been set up for a period of 4 years. Since 31 March 2021, the programme has been renewed annually.

The aim of the programme is to assist disaster victims. It mainly concerns owner-occupiers. It provides assistance in carrying out various types of work:

  • Decontamination ;
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reconstruction.

This helps to ease the financial burden. The financial assistance granted is calculated by applying an assistance rate of 75% to the costs. However, there are limits:

  • 150,000 for cases requiring demolition and reconstruction (total loss) ;
  • 90,000 for decontamination.

Renewal of financial assistance

The SHQ has declared an extension of the financial assistance until 31 March 2024. This means that anyone affected can apply for financial assistance from the relevant authorities until that date. This extension covers both decontamination/rehabilitation work and demolition/reconstruction. To apply for assistance or obtain information, interested parties are asked to consult the Société d’Habitation du Québec website.

What does the future hold for this aid?

We are approaching the end of March 2024. The end of the Residential Intervention Programme seems imminent. For the moment, there is no indication that it will be renewed for another year. The government has no plans to extend this assistance beyond that date. However, it is likely that new disaster relief measures will be considered. These will address the needs of owner-occupiers whose homes are contaminated by mould.

Conclusion: what are the new initiatives?

The end of the intervention programme raises questions about the future of financial assistance for affected homes. Those affected may have to turn to other available sources of assistance or government programmes to deal with the situation.

Keep up to date on any new government initiatives to support affected households.