In Quebec, buildings must be maintained regularly to ensure the safety of the occupants. This is what the Building Chapter of the Safety Code, which came into force in 2013, requires. The health record for buildings makes it easier to monitor the work. We’ll tell you more!

The Building Chapter of the Safety Code or CBCS

The CBCS is a set of standards that govern the building sector in Quebec. Established in March 2023, it concerns several aspects, including the following:

  • Protection against fire and structural damage;
  • Maintenance of facades of 5 floors or more;
  • Maintenance of parking lots. Particularly those where one or more running surfaces are not on the ground;
  • Maintenance of water cooling towers;
  • Requirements concerning certain places such as care centers or private residences for seniors.

All these regulations aim primarily to ensure the safety and health of occupants. In addition, it is aimed at owners, tenants, administrators and co-ownership associations.

The health record for buildings

Like the health record for men, that of a building contains all the information about it and its condition.

It allows you to have an overview of the characteristics of a given building. This facilitates follow-ups, diagnoses and the prescription of remedies or solutions when necessary. For effective treatment and rapid intervention!

The health record then contains all the information concerning a given building:

  • The date of construction;
  • Interviews already carried out;
  • The preventive maintenance program;
  • Possible problems identified by inspectors and measures taken.

The advantages of keeping a health record for buildings

Keeping a building health record has many advantages. This tool allows you to quickly assess the overall condition of a building. It also makes it easier to follow up on interviews. You have an overview of the work to be done so you don’t forget it. But also an idea of those already made to avoid unnecessary expenses. Furthermore, a health record simplifies the handover in the event of a change of manager.

It is therefore in your best interest to keep a health record for your building. At Benjel, we are proud to announce that we now offer this service! You already know us as an air quality expert. But we want to do more for you! It would be an honor for us to facilitate the maintenance management of your building. All this, to provide a secure and sustainable environment for all occupants. May everyone live peacefully!

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