Iron ocher is a problem that manifests itself as a sort of orange-colored mud appearing in various areas of the house. It is an ocher deposit. The drainage system, pipes or even wells may be affected. It is important to remedy this to maintain water quality. If you notice such a phenomenon, it is important to apply appropriate treatment to slow its development and limit the damage. Our technicians at Benjel can also support you in this process.

What is iron ocher?

Iron ocher results from a fusion between water, oxygen and iron. These three elements combined give rise to a chemical or biological reaction (or even both at the same time). In the first case, the iron present in the soil is evacuated with the water towards the drain. In the second case, the presence of ferrobacteria in the water table causes iron oxidation when it is in contact with air.

These phenomena will cause the appearance of an orange gelatinous substance. This is the first indication of the presence of iron ocher. Here are other signs to watch out for:

  • Change in the quality of drinking water with altered taste;
  • Obstruction of piping systems due to accumulation of iron ocher;
  • Change in water clarity to muddy.

What are the consequences of iron ocher?

The presence of iron ocher can have various unfortunate consequences:

  • The drainage system does not work well due to progressive blockage of the drain;
  • Water infiltration may occur, increasing humidity levels, promoting the proliferation of mold;
  • The backflow preventers may be clogged;
  • French drain and pit pumps wear out more quickly and require more regular maintenance or replacement;
  • Property loses its value;
  • Obtaining new insurance may be difficult after a loss;
  • A smell of sulfur fills the air.

How to get rid of iron ocher?

First of all, you should know that there are no specific solutions to prevent the development of iron ocher. Indeed, the soil naturally contains iron. It is therefore impossible to avoid iron ocher, even if you work the soil all around your property.

It is, however, possible to limit the proliferation of iron ocher and the damage caused. In particular, you can install more efficient drainage to reduce the risk of iron ocher accumulation. Furthermore, maintenance must be carried out regularly. Whether it is the pipeline system or even the wells.

Our services to take care of iron ocher

If you notice iron ocher in your drainage system, you must quickly remedy it. So call on our services to carry out an inventory. Our technicians analyze your situation to define the solutions to implement to limit the damage. At Benjel, we can provide you with advice to avoid weakening the foundation of your house.