The flamboyantly colored trees, the leaves that cover the ground or even the more pleasant temperature… there are so many reasons why autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the whole year. Nevertheless, this period is conducive to the proliferation of molds in poorly ventilated rooms or houses, hence the appearance of more or less bothersome allergic symptoms in the most sensitive people.

Autumn and mold

In autumn, the air is both cool and humid, a combination that is quite favorable to the development of mold, especially in poorly ventilated places such as the basement or the bathroom. These microscopic fungi are manifested by the appearance of black, green or even white spots on the walls and ceilings as well as a more or less unbearable musty or earthy smell.

Mold, Allergy Symptoms and Fall

Moulds release microscopic spores which then spread through the surrounding air and can easily reach the respiratory tract of the occupants of the house. This is how allergic symptoms such as rhinitis, conjunctivitis, irritation of the eyes, nose and throat or even asthma return with the fall, especially if you constantly keep the windows closed. More serious cases like lung infection are even likely to occur.

Fall mold: what to do?

Mould thrives in damp, cool and poorly ventilated places. We therefore recommend that you resolve any water infiltration problems before the arrival of autumn. You should also ventilate your home as much as possible and regularly apply antifungal solutions to areas at risk. Finally, carry out an analysis of the air quality in your interior now so that you can take the necessary measures in time.

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At Benjel Chimistes Conseils, we offer air quality analysis and mold analysis services for any residential or commercial building. Our tests make it possible to quickly identify the presence of fungal contaminants, i.e. fungi, in indoor air or on surfaces such as walls, ceilings or windows. With our own microbiology and chemistry laboratories, we offer reliable and fast services.

We offer solutions in case of proven problems!

In the event that the analysis results indeed confirm the presence of mold in your home or office, we have practical solutions to remedy the problems. Our expertise of more than 30 years in the field makes us your trusted partner in this type of situation.

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